Trigger Treadz Thumb Treadz 4-Pack (Xbox One)
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Trigger Treadz Thumb Treadz 4-Pack (Xbox One)

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These Thumb Treadz game controller enhancements for Xbox one have been specifically designed to increase gaming comfort, endurance and efficiency. The ergonomically textured rubber grips fit over the analogue sticks on your Xbox One controller. In doing so they will improve your thumbs grip on the sticks, giving you a more competitive edge when it matters most. Also ensuring maximum comfort during those longer gaming sessions.

  • Innovative new grip accessory for your controller
  • Reduces slippage and protects your analogue thumb sticks from wear and tear
  • Improved grip for enhanced gameplay
  • Simple to apply and easily removed
  • Includes 2 x convex low level grips and 2 x concave raised grips
  • Various other designs also available