Controller Grip Kit (PS4)
Controller Kit

Controller Grip Kit (PS4)

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  • Vendor:Venom
  • Category: PlayStation 4
Venom's Controller Kit is designed with comfort and game play endurance in mind. The ergonomically designed kit enhances the grip and comfort of your controller. A pair of textured rubber grips fit onto the controller and also over the analogue stick on the PS4 controller to enhance grip and ensure maximum comfort for longer game play. The Controller Kit grips are easy and quick to fit.
  • Compatible with PS4 controllers
  • 1 x pair of controller grips
  • 2 x textured thumb grips
  • 2 x smooth thumb grips
  • 1 x Venom home button decal
  • 2 x Venom light bar decal
  • High-quality, professional-style textured surface
  • Quick & easy to fit