Twin Docking Station - Black (PS5)
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Twin Docking Station - Black (PS5)

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Twin Docking Station - Black

Designed to aesthetically match your PS5 console and Dual Sense controller, our stylish 'drop and charge' Dual Sense Charging Dock offers fast efficient charging for up to 2 of your PS5 controllers simultaneously. Simply connect the discreet USB charging dongles to your controllers and then place on the dock for instant charging without the need to connect fiddly USB cables. The dock comes complete with a detachable 1 metre USB charging cable to allow full flexibility in positioning and can also be used to charge your controller whilst you play.

The dock features a front led charge indicator that glows red when charging before turning blue once full power has been restored. The dock can be connected to your console or any other USB output device and will also continue to charge your controller whilst the console is in standby mode. In addition, the dock also features an additional rear USB port allowing you to connect extra USB cables to charge any additional controllers or devices such as a mobile phone or wireless headset.

  • Twin dock charging station for PS5 Dual sense controllers
  • Drop and charge design removes the need for fiddly wired charging connectors
  • Aesthetically designed to match the PS5 console and controller
  • Front LED charge indicator glows red when charging before turning blue when fully powered
  • Includes detachable 1 metre charging cable offering complete flexibility with placement
  • Extra rear USB output allows charging of additional devices such as wireless headsets and mobile phones