Log Burner Stove Fan and Ash Vac Bundle
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Log Burner Stove Fan and Ash Vac Bundle

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Log Burner Stove Fan and Ash Vac Bundle

Save £££'s when you purchase our great value kit containing 2 essential products for your log burner.


Stove Fan

The 2-Blade Stove Fan circulates the warm air created by your stove. The fan gently and silently moves air from around the stove to distribute the heat into your room, rather than simply rising to the ceiling as it leaves the fireplace. That means you stay toasty and use less fuel.


Ash Vac

Cleaning the ashes from your fire is made easy with the Valiant compact fireplace vacuum cleaner. It boasts low weight yet versatile and heavy duty capability for cleaning up stoves, bbq's and fireplaces of ash and debris with its high vacuum rating and economical motor. Use the Ash vac to suck up warm ash or cold ashes to help in the maintenance tasks, and saving the household vacuum from damage and dirt. In addition the vac can be used as a blower - simply fit the hose to the port on the top instead of the side. The extra-long mains lead and flexible hose make cleaning up a breeze.