Mayflash Magic Controller Adaptor (Nintendo Switch / NEOGEO Mini / PC)
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Mayflash Magic Controller Adaptor (Nintendo Switch / NEOGEO Mini / PC)

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PRODUCT UPDATE: Now compatible with NEOGEO Mini! Now you can connect any next gen controller or even USB Arcade Stick to your NEOGEO Mini. Play NEOGEO Classics as they were meant to be played.

The perfect solution for gamers that prefer a particular controller, but who like to play on multiple systems. The Magic-NS allows you to connect almost any next generation controller to your Nintendo Switch or PC. So if you find Mario Odyssey a little tricky with the Joy-Con controllers and don't fancy shelling out on an expensive Switch Pro Controller, simply plug in the Magic-NS to your Switch and within seconds you will be able to use either your PS4 DualShock Controller, Xbox One S Pad or virtually any other wireless or wired gamepad that you already own. Magic-NS also works on PC and PS3 so you can even connect your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to your laptop and play your favourite games this way. Magic-NS also supports Xinput and rumble features on compatible games.

NOTES:Compatible with NeoGeo Mini , please visit the Mayflash official site and download the specific firmware.

  • Now compatible with NEOGEO Mini - use your next gen controllers or arcade sticks to play NEOGEO Classic games via your TV
  • Play your Nintendo Switch games using your next generation wireless PS4 Dual Shock 4 or Xbox One controller
  • Use your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controllers on your PC or PS3
  • Enables gamers to connect wired controllers such as Arcade Sticks, Logitech Rumble Pads etc. to your Nintendo Switch
  • Simple Plug and Play design - connects via USB
  • Also compatible with many 3rd party controllers
  • Supports Xinput and rumble