Trigger Treadz: 8-Pack Custom Colour Kit (PS4)
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Trigger Treadz: 8-Pack Custom Colour Kit (PS4)

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There's nothing worse than preparing yourself to score that vital goal, finishing off that end of level boss or taking your friend down with a headshot only to be on the receiving end because your finger slipped off the trigger!

Trigger Treadz are a unique patent pending design that attaches to your controller triggers and give you improved grip. These colourful packs each contain 4 pairs of Trigger Treadz. Remember, don't share them with friends - why give them the same advantage?!

  • Unique patent pending design
  • Attach to your controller triggers for vastly improved grip
  • Includes 4 pairs of Trigger Treadz
  • Hi grade materials to ensure zero peeling
  • Easy to apply and remove with zero residue