Trigger Treadz: Thumb Treadz 4-Pack (PS4)
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Trigger Treadz: Thumb Treadz 4-Pack (PS4)

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Gaming gets intense. There's nothing worse than preparing yourself to score a vital goal, finishing off that end-of level boss or taking your friend down with a headshot only to be on the receiving end because your finger slipped off the trigger! Time to get traction on the action.

Trigger Treadz offers unique patent pending additions for your controller to give you improved grip at those key moements. So when the going gets tough...get Trigger Treadz!

  • Innovative new grip accessory for your controller
  • Reduces slippage and protects your analogue thumb sticks from wear and tear
  • Improved grip for enhanced gameplay
  • Simple to apply and easily removed
  • Includes 2 x convex low level grips and 2 x concave raised grips
  • Various other designs also available