Premium IV Stove Fan and Magnetic Red Thermometer Pack
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Premium IV Stove Fan and Magnetic Red Thermometer Pack

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This great value bundle includes 2 essential items to ensure your Log Burner or other Multi-Fuel Stove operates at maximum efficiency.

Premium IV Stove Fan

Don't be deceived by its diminutive size, sitting at just 199mm high, the Premium 4 stove fan operates at a lower temperature and really blows hot air. The innovative Premium 4 Fan features a uniquely engineered design that boasts an advanced radiating fin to generate maximum airflow, with up to 70% more air flow than competitor products. Designed to start at a temperature as low as 45°C, the fan requires no batteries or external power. Heat is conducted though the base of the fan and converted to electricity which powers the silent fan motor. With a durable, hard wearing black anodised finish, the fan automatically slows and stops as the heat from the stove burns out. All Valiant heat powered stove fans are ideal for use on wood burning stoves in homes, narrowboats, or mobile homes, and can also be used on kitchen ranges and hobs. Stove fans are a fantastic innovation that can dramatically improve the warmth given out from your stove, in a fraction of the time. A stove fan will also reduce the heat dependency from your stove thereby saving you money in the long term on fuel costs. Without a fan, a lot of heat generated by a stove is lost as the air rises directly vertically. However, a stove fan uses its blades to divert the warm air horizontally filling the whole room as opposed to the area directly between the stove and the ceiling! The motion of the fan is driven by the heat from the stove meaning that no additional batteries or power is required. This also means the fans operate virtually silently.

Magnetic Stove Thermometer

The Valiant magnetic Thermometer is designed to display the temperature very clearly to enable the owner to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature and to assist to optimise the fuel consumption and maintain maximum performance.