Unicorn 7-in-1 Protector Kit (Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED)
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Unicorn 7-in-1 Protector Kit (Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED)

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Unicorn 7-in-1 Protector Kit

7-in-1 accessory kit designed especially for Nintendo Switch. Includes a console travel case, a TPU grip protector, screen protector, thumb grips, charging cable, earbuds and a 20-piece sticker kit. All items can be stored within the robust travel case, featuring a stylish Unicorn design as well as having additional storage for up to 10 Nintendo Switch game cards. Also suitable for new OLED Nintendo Switch.
  • Robust EVA Case with secure flap for console, multiple games and an accessory zipped pocket
  • Clear TPU Grip surrounds and protects your Switch whilst improving grip
  • Screen protector to protect your screen from dust and minor scratches - includes applicator and cloth
  • Thumb Grips improve grip and reduce wear and tear on your analogue thumb sticks
  • Extra long 2m USB braided charge cable
  • Compact earphones with braided cord
  • Reusable sticker set with 20 unique glitter stickers
  • Suitable for both standard and OLED Nintendo Switch (not suitable for Switch Lite)