NEOGEO Mini Console Bundle (Includes NEOGEO Mini plus 1 x NEOGEO Black Controller & 40 Classic NEOGEO Games)

NEOGEO Mini Console Bundle (Includes NEOGEO Mini plus 1 x NEOGEO Black Controller & 40 Classic NEOGEO Games)

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Includes NEOGEO Mini Console plus 1 x NEOGEO Mini Controller (Black)


  • Includes 40 classic NEOGEO games from legendary franchises such as King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown and more
  • Modelled on nostalgic NEOGEO arcade cabinet and features arcade style controls, stereo speakers and 3.5 inch display
  • Connect to any portable power supply for the greatest arcade experience on the go – the NEOGEO fits perfectly into the palm of your hand (Dimensions - 152mm x 135mm x 108mm)
  • HDMI output allows you to play all of these classic NEOGEO games via your TV for the ultimate big screen experience (HDMI Cable not included)
  • Connect classic NEOGEO controllers (sold separately) for intense multi-player action and a more authentic home console feel
  • Instant save and load functionality so that you can record your progress and pick up where you want, when you want
  • International version includes 14 titles not included on Japanese version



To celebrate 40 years of gaming, SNK are proud to present the NEOGEO Mini, a portable arcade console with 40 classic NEOGEO games from legendary franchises such as King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury and many more. Featuring a 3.5 inch display and classic arcade stick controls, the NEOGEO mini delivers an authentic arcade experience in the palm of your hand. Measuring at 152mm x 135mm x 108mm, connect the NEOGEO to any portable power bank using the included type C cable and enjoy portable arcade quality gaming on the go. Once home, you can continue the action on your big screen. NEOGEO features HDMI output (HDMI Cable not included) to allow you to connect your console to your TV or monitor. You can even connect up to two additional controllers (sold separately) to enjoy home console style multiplayer action. NEOGEO – the legacy lives on.


 Includes 40 classic games:

Metal Slug • Metal Slug 2 • Metal Slug 3 • Metal Slug X • Metal Slug 4 • Metal Slug 5 • King of the Monsters • King of the Monsters 2 • Sengoku 3 • Magician Lord • Blue’s Journey • Shock Troopers • Shock Troopers 2nd Squad • Robo Army • Crossed Swords • Mutation Nation • 3 Count Bout • The King of Fighters 95 • The King of Fighters 97 • The King of Fighters 98 • The King of Fighters 2000 • King of Fighters 2002 • Art of Fighting • Fatal Fury Special • Real Bout Fatal Fury • Garou: Mark of the Wolves • Samurai Shodown II • Samurai Shodown IV • Samurai Shodown V Special • Last Blade 2 • World Heroes Perfect • Kizuna Encounter • NINJA MASTER'S • Top Players Golf • Super Sidekicks • Football Frenzy • Blazing Star • Last Resort • Ghost Pilots • Puzzled


In early 1990, a video game company by the name of SNK teamed up with ALPHA DENSHI (ADK) to develop a video game console. That console was made for arcades, yet at the same time was completely compatible for home use. It was called the "NEOGEO," meaning "new land," and owns a significant chapter in the annals of 1990s video game history. 

In 1991, SNK launched the NEOGEO Home Console. Boasting arcade quality games in your own home, the NEOGEO quickly became a fans favourite with many of its pioneering features becoming a benchmark for all future home gaming systems.

A major turning point for the NEOGEO came with the introduction of one-on-one fighting games in the early 90s. This movement had a huge impact on what the NEOGEO was about to become. With the release of "FATAL FURY 2" -- a title that offered the excitement of an authentic fighting game. The developers took advantage of the NEOGEO's power and impressive ROM capacity to create stunning animations, smooth character movement, and excellent graphics, generating an excitement among players that had never been achieved before. In no time at all this game became a smash hit, and its remarkable success increased awareness of the NEOGEO by leaps and bounds. 

With the release of other fighting games such as Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown, the popularity of NEOGEO continued to grow. But it was the release of King of Fighters that saw the most significant change, not only for NEO GEO but throughout the whole world of video games. Prior to KOF, video games had been seen as a largely male past time confined to shady arcades. But with its storyline and leading female characters, for the first time, female gamers started to develop more than just a light interest in the video game world.

3D graphics took the game world by storm in the mid-90s. Titles using 3D technologies significantly altered the direction of video game history. Multiple companies had started selling next-gen consoles at this time, and new buzz words such as "polygons" and "texture mapping" had game fans pumped for something new and innovative. This was a major turning point for arcade games and home consoles alike. The NEOGEO's specialty 2D pixel graphics became more refined as a result of this phenomenon. This technology would be used to create an ambitious title like "ART OF FIGHTING 3", which was actually a 2D game. 

A good example of cutting-edge pixel technology at that time was "METAL SLUG". The gritty smell of iron and gun smoke on a battlefield in the near future, along with the comical antics of the unique characters, are what gave this game its appeal. Over-the-top details combined with clever simplicity gave this game a sense of contradictory beauty, hitting game fans already enamoured with the development of 3D technologies like a brick.  A well-received sequel to "METAL SLUG" was released in 1998 and even today the new additions to the series continued to sell well, establishing it as a timeless favourite among SNK's offerings.