Twin Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan
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Twin Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

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Twin Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

Stove fans are a fantastic innovation that can dramatically improve the warmth given out from your stove. Whilst your stove may look the part, be easy to operate and be relatively inexpensive to maintain and run, it can take a while for it to warm up a room, especially a big room. Using a stove fan will heat the room up in a fraction of the time and is a really easy way to maximise the warmth you get from your stove. A stove fan will also reduce the heat dependency from your stove thereby saving you money in the long term on fuel costs.

Without a fan, a lot of heat generated by a stove is lost as the air rises directly vertically. However, a stove fan uses its blades to divert the warm air horizontally filling the whole room as opposed to the area directly between the stove and the ceiling!

The motion of the fan is driven by the heat from the stove meaning that no additional batteries or power is required. This also means the fans operate virtually silently. Some fans require hotter temperatures before they kick in, whilst some also have to be removed should the temperature become too high, so be sure to check the start-up temperature (the lower the better) and any maximum temperature before you choose your fan.

  • Virtually silent operation
  • Gently circulates heat throughout the room
  • Maximises energy from the stove & reduces fuel consumption
  • Operating range 100-340°C
  • Attractive, durable design
  • Satin black anodised blades