Miniature Cast Iron Cookware Set
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Miniature Cast Iron Cookware Set

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Impress your guests with this delightful miniature cookware set. This vintage style cast iron set includes everything to you need to cook up single-portion treats on your multi-fuel stove top; or use to creatively serve appetisers or desserts. 

  • Set includes miniature Circular Skillet, Round Cocotte, plus Oval and Rectangular Serving Platters
  • For use on multi-fuel stove top, electric, induction or gas hob
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Grill and oven safe (except microwave)
  • Robust and durable – made using hygienic grade cast iron
  • Perfect for creative food presentation
  • Ideal for cooking individual portions or sauces
  • Circular Skillet: Diameter: 140mm | Length Inc. Handle: 230mm | Height: 40mm
  • Round Cocotte: Diameter: 100mm | Diameter Inc. Handles: 130mm | Height: 55mm | Height Inc. Lid: 80mm
  • Oval Serving Platter: Length: 105mm | Length inc. Handles: 155mm | Width: 50mm | Height: 25mm
  • Rectangular Serving Platter: Length: 145mm | Length Inc. Handles: 180mm | Width: 95mm | Height: 40mm