IX-56 Macro Wired Switch Controller - Red (Nintendo Switch)

IX-56 Macro Wired Switch Controller - Red (Nintendo Switch)

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Multifunction wired controller available in a choice of five colours and compatible with Nintendo Switch. These heavy Duty, function filled controllers offer a 3 metre wired connection to reduce all lag whilst ensuring you can play at a comfortable distance from your screen. Includes dual analogue stick control and all other standard Switch buttons layout including direct home screen access and one button screenshot functionality. Also includes Turbo and macro programmable options to allow full button customisation and mapping. The controller can store up to 14 separate macro functions containing up to 16 different button press combinations. Perfect for those tricky special moves!

  • Multifunction wired controller for Nintendo Switch
  • Macro functionality allowing up to 14 stored combinations of up to 16 different button presses
  • Full Nintendo Switch compatibility including direct home access and screen capture buttons
  • Includes 3 metre wired connection for minimal lag and comfortable playing distance
  • Supports X-INPUT and d-input for PC compatibility
  • Available in a choice of 5 colours