Indeca PS4 Slim Vertical Cool and Charge Stand with USB Hub (PS4)
Charging Stand

Indeca PS4 Slim Vertical Cool and Charge Stand with USB Hub (PS4)

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For a more sophisticated look, your PlayStation 4 console is always better positioned vertically. But with that comes the risk of your beloved machine toppling over and that is why most of gamers lie it horizontally. Thanks to Indeca's vertical stand, you can now display your console proudly as well as much more.

As well as supporting your console, the stand also includes built-in charging docks for up to 2 official PS4 controllers. Simply dock your controllers when not in use and they will be recharged when you next want to play.

Designed specifically for the PS4 Slim, the stand includes an integrated cooling system ensuring your console doesn't overheat, improving its performance and prolonging its life. Video games are increasingly demanding consoles. The stand all features an additional 2 USB ports which allows you in total to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously meaning that no-one runs out of power during your multi-player gaming nights.


  • Sturdy PS4 Slim vertical stand with built-in charging dock for 2 PS4 controllers
  • Integrated cooling system to keep your console operating at the optimum temperature
  • Includes 2 additional USB ports to allow for additional controller charging
  • Designed to aesthetically match and complement your PS4 slim