Emoji Flip N Switch Customisable Headphones (Pink)

Emoji Flip N Switch Customisable Headphones (Pink)

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Grown-ups and kids combined will love these customisable headphones suitable for all portable music and mobile phone devices. The headset comes complete with 4 interchangeable double sided plates to use immediately but beyond that, you can visit flipnswitch.com where you can download and print over 2000 additional designs which you can then switch into your headset. The headset itself features an adjustable headband to suit all head sizes as well as a built in microphone for hands free calls on your mobile phone. The head phones also feature a safe sound level restriction to protect the younger users’ hearing. Available in yellow or pink.

Stand out from the crowd with these Flip'N'Switch customisable Emoji headphones. The headphones feature a detachable cover on each earcup that allows for you to insert your chosen Emoji design for whatever mood or style you may be feeling that day. The headband also features a huge range of different Emojis, to give the headphones that extra bit of fun and colour.

The box comes pre packed with 8 different interchangeable inserts but there are over 1000 fun Emoji designs just waiting online for you to download, print out and start using.

To gain full access to all of the different Emoji designs please visit www.flipnswitch.com for the free downloads and follow the simple steps that have been outlined below.

Express Your Emotions With You Favourite Emojis!

  • Customisable headphones complete with 4 double sided interchangeable cover plates
  • Download and print over 2000 additional images to flip and switch and make your headphones totally unique
  • Headphones feature an adjustable headband to support all head sizes
  • Integrated microphone for hands free chat plus safe sound limiter to protect little ones' hearing
  • Compatible with all mobile phone and portable music devices