Essential Fireside Tools Kit (Red)
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Essential Fireside Tools Kit (Red)

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3-in-1 fireside tool accessories pack containing a Moisture Meter, Thermometer and a Rechargeable Lighter.

Moisture Meter

Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it’s being used in an open fire or a stove. Freshly felled timber can have a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, which when burnt can cause dangerous creosote build-up in chimneys and high emissions of particulates to the atmosphere. Using a moisture meter is a great way to check whether your wood will give you a safe and efficient burn, or if it needs further seasoning. The screen will glow green if your fuel contains less than 20% moisture, indicating that it’s ready to go. The moisture meter can also be used on timber, floors and buildings in order to detect and measure moisture content.

Stove Thermometer

Protect your stove from overheating with our Stove Thermometer. The magnetic Thermometer clearly displays the temperature of your stove, enabling you to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature and reduce fuel consumption. The robust design and strong magnet of the Stove Thermometer means that it’s suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface, including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimineas. For stainless steel flue applications do not attempt to fix to flue pipe, attach to the stove collar or place on the stove top.

Rechargeable ARC Lighter

Rechargeable fuel free lighter that will safely, quickly and effectively ignite candles, firelighters, cigarettes, paper and most other combustible materials, without the need for dangerous gas, lighter fluid or highly inflammable liquids. Also suitable for lighting barbecues, log burners and other such appliances.


  • 3-in-1 fireside tool accessories pack containing a moisture meter, thermometer and a rechargeable lighter
  • Moisture Meter allows you to check the moisture content of your logs prior to burning preventing over moist logs causing dangerous creosote build-ups and deposits
  • Thermometer protects your log burner from overheating and ensures it operates at optimum efficiency
  • Lighter offers quick and effective fuel free lighting for log burners, BBQs, candles, firelighters, cigarettes, paper and most other combustible materials
  • Essential accessories to ensure the most efficient and effective running of your log burner