Dual Sense Controller Thumb Grips 8-Pack (PS5)
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Dual Sense Controller Thumb Grips 8-Pack (PS5)

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  • Vendor:Venom
  • Category: PlayStation 5

Give yourself a competitive edge with Venom hard we a ring thumb grip kit. Designed specifically for your PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller The grips simply attach to your analogue thumb sticks for instant control improvements whilst also preventing wear and tear to your game pad. The pack includes 4 x raised and 4 x standard grips to suit your playing style and individual game controls.

  • Includes 8 x thumb grip attachments for PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller
  • Improves grip and allows for more controlled gameplay
  • Anti-slip design prevents mistakes loss of control at key moments
  • Pack includes 4 x high grips and 4 x low level grips
  • Also prevents wear and tear to your Dual Sense Controller analogue sticks