Controller Thumb Grips - Black (Xbox One)
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Controller Thumb Grips - Black (Xbox One)

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Get ahead of the game with Venom Pro thumb grips for Xbox One. Containing four grips, 2 x raised dot and 2 x grooved logo, the attachments are suitable for use with all official Xbox One controllers include Elite, S and other special Edition designs. These handy little additions will give you improved grip at those crucial in game moments whilst keeping your analogue sticks protected from every day wear and tear.

  • Pack of 4 analogue stick thumb grips
  • Includes 2 x raised Dot grips and 2 x flat grooved grips to suit your gameplay style
  • Offers added grip and in game control whilst protecting your analogue sticks against wear and tear
  • Fits any official Xbox One controller including Elite, S and all special editions
  • Available in either Black or white to complement your controller