The Summer of Retro
Feeling nostalgic? Inspired by classic gaming, our selection
of portable arcade cabinets and retro accessories bring the best of decades
past to a modern gaming experience. Keep the kids (and yourself) amused for
less this summer!

My Arcade Portable
Retro X 16-Bit Mini Arcade Cabinet (Includes 300 Built In Games)

300 built-in higher 16 bit rate games for
in-depth play and higher resolution

Perfect for travel, take your games anywhere -
no TV or console needed

2.5 inch full colour LCD screen for vibrant

Backlit screen for use virtually anywhere

Real arcade cabinet look and feel, with light up

Lights can be turned off to conserve power for
longer play

Bring all the excitement of the arcade to the palm of your
hand! Modelled on traditional arcade cabinets, the Retro Arcade Machine X will
bring with it heaps of gaming nostalgia. Comes with 300 pre-loaded games and
has a full LCD screen with illuminated buttons for optimal play. Requires 3 x
AA batteries (not included).

My Arcade Portable
Retro Machine 8-Bit Mini Arcade Cabinet (Includes 200 Built In Games)

200 built-in nostalgic games bring back the fun
of the arcade

5 inch colour display handheld gaming cabinet

Features joystick and button controls for
authentic arcade feel

Full colour hi-res LCD screen makes all of the
games come alive

Play in your hands for convenience, or on a
table or desk for stability

Authentic game sounds with adjustable volume to
enhance play

Get ready to embrace the arcades of yester year! The Retro
Machine gaming system comes with 200 built-in games and requires no expensive
game console. It’s lightweight, portable, and lets you enjoy hours of gaming
fun just about anywhere! Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

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