Napup Ride: Head support for adults and juniors when napping on car journeys
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Napup Ride: Head support for adults and juniors when napping on car journeys

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A soft head support device, which stops the head and neck from flopping when riding as a passenger and catching a much-needed nap.

NapUp Ride is made of two parts, the soft, elasticized head support that covers the built in headrest in the car, and a forehead strap that connects to the head support with high quality Velcro. 

When not in use, the forehead strap is in the up position, and is not felt. Once the passenger is feeling drowsy, they can easily lower the forehead strap and will enjoy a flop free nap. 

It easily fits on the car headrest, and is portable and lightweight. 

There is approximately a 1 cm gap between the head and the strap, which ensures gentle contact with the forehead only when the head begins to fall. 
The forehead strap is connected to the head support device by Velcro, so it can easily be adjusted to fit different head sizes, which means it can benefit passengers from ages 7-99.


  • SAFETY FIRST – The NapUp ride is crush tested and fully compliant with US safety standards FMVSS213
  • PERFECT FIT - this patented design attaches to all kinds of car seats and easily adjusts to every head size
  • BOBBING HEAD SYNDROME- SOLVED! Highest quality materials, durable, soft, breathable air flow- designed for sound nap
  • GREAT FOR TEENAGERS & ADULTS – The NapUp Ride unique design provides sense of comfort and security while preventing the head from dropping forward and sideways, especially during a car ride