Hygienie Contactless Travel Grip, Door Opener, Button Presser and Hook (1-Pack)

Hygienie Contactless Travel Grip, Door Opener, Button Presser and Hook (1-Pack)

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Embrace the new normal and reduce the risk of virus transmission with the innovative Hygienie Public Transport Contactless Hand Rail Hook. Travel safely on buses, trains and underground systems without fear of infection via contact with hand rails, doors and handles. The hook also features a raised nub to allow contactless interaction with cash points, elevator buttons and the like. The hook can also be used to pull shopping trolleys, open doors and much more.

Weighing only 110g and measuring just over 13cm, the Hygienie Transport Hook is the perfect tool to keep on your person at all times to avoid unnecessary contact with untested surfaces. Great for the whole family to carry in pockets, handbags, purses and school bags.

  • Reduces the risk of germ and virus transmission when using public transport and publicly accessible equipment
  • Perfect for commuters regularly using Buses, Trains, Metro, Tube and London Underground services
  • Offers an alternative to holding on to unsanitised and potentially dangerous hand rails
  • Ergonomic, lightweight (only 110g) and pocket sized (only 13cm) for convenience, comfort and portability
  • Multi-functional – can be used to open doors, press elevator buttons, to enter your details at cash points, pulling shopping trolleys and many other every day activities