Valiant Portable Camping BBQ – Yellow
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Valiant Portable Camping BBQ – Yellow

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Valiant Portable Camping BBQ

From a picnic in the park to an alfresco afternoon at the beach, enjoy an authentic BBQ experience wherever you are. The Valiant Portable Folding BBQ is lightweight and easy to carry, with cooking space to cater for 4 or more people. Perfect for days out and use on the go.

This special Limited Edition “BarBeeCue”, in partnership with the British Bee-Keepers Association, in vibrant yellow, comes complete with a packet of pure wild-flower meadow seeds containing many annual and perennial varieties that will continue to flower year after year and help in the conservation of many much-loved Bees and insects.

Bees feed on nectar and pollen and need a continuous supply during the main part of the year if they are to thrive.  This is where gardens come into their own. Many are small but they can make a huge impact on the 270 species of wild bees. Simple flowers are best. Different species of bee have different requirements but providing a good mixture of flowers will keep them all happy.

Sow the seeds between February and June for same year flowers or in October for the following year. The seeds have been selected to provide colourful scented flowers that come year after year and attract insects and bees alike. Sow in open ground or containers or simply sprinkle over freshly raked soil and water well. Store seeds in a cool, dry place and sown before November 2023.

The seeds are made up from a selection of: Guizotia Abyssinica; Salvia Hispanica; Meconopsis; Linum Usitatissimum; Linaceae; Red, White & Blue Poppies; Blanket Flower; Cosmos Mixed Zinnia; Yellow Tansy; Rosa Canina; Circaea; Aquilegia Dwarf Morning Glory; Evening Primrose; Myosotis; California Poppy; Baby's Breath; Love-in-a-Mist; Blue Lupin; Borage; Purple Tansy; and many more.




  • Lightweight (3.3kg) portable barbecue set
  • Compact foldaway design for easy transportation
  • Perfect for days out, picnics at the park or grilling on the beach
  • Stainless steel design with rust free, easy to clean, grilling rack
  • Heavy duty charcoal burner offers safe and convenient cooking
  • Generous 32cm x 23cm cooking area allows easy catering for 4 or more diners
  • Developed in support of and in partnership with the British Bee-Keepers Association (BBKA)
  • Includes packet of bee-friendly wild-flower seeds to sow and help preserve all 270 species of wild bees



Closed: 285 x 400 x 100mm (HWD)

Open: 300 x 400 x 320mm (HWD)

Weight: 3.3KG