Ash Vacuum Cleaner for Stoves, Fires and Barbecues - 20L
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Ash Vacuum Cleaner for Stoves, Fires and Barbecues - 20L

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Ash Vacuum Cleaner

We all love a good BBQ, but who likes the tedious clean-up operation afterwards? Attempting to shovel piles of dusty ash into black sacks as the wind catches it and blows it all over your patio, decking or garden meaning even more cleaning. Thankfully, Valiant’s powerful Maxi Vacuum Cleaner can save you all the hassle. With a powerful 1000W motor, a large 20 litre capacity and a wide and long metal suction hose, you can have your BBQ ash free and ready for its next use in no time at all. Equipped with a removable and washable HEPA filter to ensure optimum efficiency at all times, the Ash Vac can be used to suck up coals and ash up to 40°c meaning that you don’t need to leave your BBQ for days before you can clean it. There is also a blow option to help remove stubborn debris. The Maxi Ash Vac can also be used on fireplaces, stoves and firepits. All Valiant products are designed, engineered and tested in the UK and come complete with all required UK certifications guaranteeing performance and safety. We offer a full 2 year parts and labour warranty on all electrical goods.

  • Powerful 1000W Vacuum Cleaner designed for hot ashes up to 40°c
  • Vacuum and blow options to enable fast efficient cleaning of appliances such as Stoves, Barbecues, Fireplaces, Fire Pits and more
  • Cleans away ash, dust and other debris
  • Includes replaceable and washable HEPA filter to ensure optimum performance
  • Complete with 1.2m metal hose and 3m power cord for added convenience
  • Fully compliant for use in the UK with all required safety certification and includes UK 3-Pin Plug