Multi Charge and Store Dock (Nintendo Switch)
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Multi Charge and Store Dock (Nintendo Switch)

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A complete charging solution for all of your wireless Nintendo Switch controllers. The Venom Pro Charging Dock includes charging points for your Pro Controller, 2 x Joy-Con Controller and even a flip up connector to power your Poke Ball. The dock is powered by USB meaning you can connect to any USB output device such as your Nintendo Switch console or simply connect to a mains USB outlet to ensure your controllers are always fully charged. Featuring multiple LED charge indicators so that you know exactly when your controllers are fully powered, the dock also features a rear storage rack to hold and organise up to 6 Nintendo Switch games.

  • Multi controller charging dock for Nintendo Switch
  • Includes charging points for a Pro Controller, 2 x Joy-Con Controllers and a Poke Ball
  • LED charge indicators show exactly when controllers are fully powered
  • Rear storage rack for up to six Nintendo Switch game cases
  • USB powered via your console or any other mains or device powered USB output