Deluxe Storage Case (Nintendo Switch)

Deluxe Storage Case (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Category: Nintendo Switch

Venom's deluxe Nintendo Switch carry case is the perfect solution for transporting your console, games and accessories from A to B or simply a convenient way to keep your beloved Switch safe and protected when not in use. The case features a tough exterior with reinforced carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap. Inside the case, are bespoke padded compartments that have been moulded perfectly to fit your console dock, you Switch controller and Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller plus all required power supplies and leads. The case also features additional space to store other accessories. In addition, the case has a separate padded storage library that can hold up to 24 of your Nintendo Switch game cards ensuring that they too remain free from dirt and dust and that you can keep them organised without the risk of losing them.

  • Tough storage case with reinforced carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded interior with bespoke compartments to hold the Switch Console, Controller, Joy-Cons, Pro Controller and additional accessories
  • Includes sections for all leads and power supplies
  • Additional padded storage library holds up to 24 game cards
  • Robust case suitable for both transporting your Nintendo Switch or as a handy storage solution