iPhone Bluetooth Gun Controller and Games Compendium
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iPhone Bluetooth Gun Controller and Games Compendium

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Enjoy high intensity video gaming that seamlessly combines playable virtual worlds with the surroundings of your very real world. Defend your bedroom from an alien invasion, create your very own shooting gallery with your garden as the backdrop or play innovative puzzle games where targets appear from the comfort of your own home.


Designed for use with any iPhone (max 14cm screen size), the AR Gun utilises Bluetooth connectivity to turn your phone into an augmented reality virtual display in which targets appear for you to pull the trigger and blow them out of the sky. The gun comes equipped with a fully adjustable smartphone holder with built in gyroscope and fold-away support arm.


Also included with the AR Gun is a link to download AR Game, an augmented reality compendium of over 17 action-packed shooting, sports and arcade games that all utilise the AR Gun. Updates are also planned for this game to give you even more titles to play in the very near future.


Current list of games:

Aircraft Invasion, Zombie, Bidirectional Frisbee, AR Invaders, Fruit Shooting, Number Balloon, Bottle Shooting, Letter Shooting, Saving Cans, Word Shoot, Colour Variation, Easy English, Target Shooting, Link Up, Amazing Shot.


For use with iOS Bluetooth compatible iPhones (Max screen size 14cm). Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied).


Your AR gun is a product of superior quality and craftsmanship that has been designed to be compatible with a number of AR games and apps. However, our recommended game, ‘AR-Game’ is available to download for IOS via the App Store. Please note that use of games other than our recommended choice may not be fully supported. Customers are advised to thoroughly check device functions and capabilities to ensure compatibility and suitability between the AR gun and their Device.  Ensure the gyroscope and accelerometer are in full working order before use.



  • Augmented Reality Bluetooth Gun Controller with download link for action packed AR Games Compendium
  • AR Game includes over 15 fun filled shooting games encompassing arcade, sports and puzzles
  • Enjoy action packed virtual gaming set in the confines of your own real world
  • Compatible with all iOS iPhones (Max 14cm Screen Size)
  • Adjustable phone holder with built in gyroscope and adjustable support handle