Laundreez - Portable Clothes Washer
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Laundreez - Portable Clothes Washer

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Laundreez is an innovative solution for washing clothes on the go.  Simply add detergent, water, clothes and swish for a short time to gently clean. Laundreez' smooth interior prevents damage to delicate items so ideal for all laundry needs.

Made from a strong, resilient PVC outer material weighing 300g (11oz) and featuring a soft yet durable inner mesh bag, Laundreez is ideal for washing everything from your more delicate items right through to ground in dirt or mud on clothes from a day out hiking or cycling.

Unlike a standard dry bag, the patented screw cap makes Laundreez is easy to refill and rinse your clothes without the tedious task of unfolding and refolding the bag and spilling out clothes, detergent and water. Small loads of clothes can be washed in the mesh bag for easy removal. 'Spin' the clothes in the mesh bag to remove excess water and carry to drying line without dropping clean clothes.

Laundreez folds into a small and compact size ideal for a suitcase or backpack.

However, Laundreez is not a single purpose laundry tool, it can also be used as a:

  • Dry bag when around water
  • Cool bag when filled with ice and drinks
  • Compression bag to make extra space in your luggage
  • Toiletries bag to prevent spills whilst travelling
  • Water carrier at a camp site



    Small Load (2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of socks): Fill with 2 litres of water (to top of blue portion of the Laundreez)

    Large Load (2 long-sleeved dress shirts/1 pair of trousers): Fill with 4 litres of water.


    1. Pre-treat any tough stains using the mesh bag as a scrubber.
    2. Add detergent and water (up to 40C) to the Laundreez. Place items to be cleaned into the water.
    3. Fold down flat the top of bag 4 times and clip toward the front of the Laundreez.
    4. Holding upright, grab clips in one hand, grab bottom (NOT the strap) in one hand.
    5. Shake bottom hand to swish. Water should cover clothes when fully saturated.
    6. Leave to soak as recommended by the detergent manufacturer.