Hygienie Contactless Keychain Door Opener, Button Presser and Hook (3-Pack)
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Hygienie Contactless Keychain Door Opener, Button Presser and Hook (3-Pack)

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Embrace the new normal and reduce the risk of virus transmission with the innovative Hygienie key chain pocket hook. Enjoy contactless interaction with cash points, elevator buttons, shopping trolleys and more. Featuring soft rubber tips to use with touch screen devices whilst the curved hook design allows quick and effective door opening without the need to handle potentially unsanitised handles, levers and buttons. Weighing only 35g and measuring just over 8cm, the Hygienie Keychain is the perfect tool to keep on your person at all times to avoid unnecessary contact with untested surfaces. Great for the whole family to carry in pockets, handbags, school bags or even keep a few spares in the car.

  • Reduces the risk of germ and virus transmission when using publicly accessible equipment
  • Ergonomic portable design so simple to use with one finger
  • Multi-functional – can be used to open doors, press elevator buttons, to enter your details at cash points, pulling shopping trolleys and many other every day activities
  • Lightweight (only 35g) and pocket sized (only 83mm) for convenience, comfort and portability – can easily be added to keyrings
  • Soft rubber tips enable use with most touch screen devices and prevent damage and scratching